Weight Watchers Revisited…


Hello!  I am finally back after being absent from this blog for months!  Or that’s how long it feels anyway.  From what I remember, I was about to tackle the Taste of London Event! 

Well, to put a long story short – the event was entertaining enough but surprisingly dull in comparison to what I was expecting.  For half a year we were under the impression that it would be spectacular, and far better than the Taste of Christmas Event – which in my opinion was pretty damned spectacular.  There were countless stalls selling interesting and novel goods, and the food was spot-on, pretty much as I would expect for award-winning chefs and restaurants.  However the same could not be said of the London Event this summer.  The food was probably 50/50 – out of every 10 stalls we tried, at least half were not up to expectation, which is a shame because the dishes were not cheap!  When it comes to food, I am the kind of person who would happily pay extra for quality – and it was a disappointment to see so much mediocre food being served for such expensive prices.  There were also less gift stalls, and a lot of it was centred around beer and alcohol.  This probably appealed to many visitors there, but as a non-alcohol drinker, it was less of an attraction and more of a nuisance. 

I wanted to post up some photos of the day, but it has been so long since the event (sorrryyy  >_<; ) that it’s barely relevant now.  We were blessed with reasonably good weather on the day so it was overall an enjoyable experience.  However we are now looking forward to revisiting the Taste of Christmas this year!

So back to the present – we already know my detox went completely tits-up.  But over the last few weeks I’ve been continually struggling with my determination and lack of will-power.  I’m usually quite a disciplined person but it’s these long, random periods of loss of control I get into that causes me to gain weight again.

Recently I noticed that the WWDiary application for Android had been updated to calculate points for Weight Watchers the UK way.  This was exciting for me as it would make my life a lot easier if I can track my points on my phone, rather than the PC – which was what I used to have to do when I was subscribed to WW online.  There are still many updates needed for this program before it will be optimized for us UK users, but it’s a huge leap forward all the same.  At the very least I can start calculating my food points on the fly, and the rest just requires some diligent leg work using the net!  I think I mentioned this app already in a previous post – so please do go and have a look – it’s free and fabulous. 

So yesterday, I started back on WW.  My life seems like an endless cycle of diets, a feeling which I’m sure a lot of readers will be able to relate to.  But I feel like I have to make this last stand against Piggy, I just refuse to have him ruin anymore summers for me.  I noticed that I am never slim when it matters the most, like holidays, birthdays and summer, something I find frustrating to no end.  So, whilst there are still a few more summery months to go, I’m going to make one last attempt to ditch the extra lbs and finally get down and STAY down at my goal weight.

I will be updating my progress as I go, I weigh myself once a week on a Monday – currently I am 134lbs (9 stone, 8lbs) and will be aiming for between 105-112lbs (7.5-8 stones).  Day one was successful, having eaten a good 14 of my 17 pts for the day so I have 3 pts banked for a rainy day.  My sister and I did a WW-friendly shop today at the supermarket, so we are armed and ready for the next few months of weight loss. 

Wish me luck for Day Two!   


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